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    tattoo colorado springsLooking for a tattoo Colorado Springs artist who is both creative and technically skilled? Inkie Tatz is that artist.

    “It all started in September 1995; I was a new father of a beautiful little boy; and a new husband. Starting a family at the age of 20, and only making about seven bucks an hour gets you motivated to say the least. So I decided to start inking on the side for extra money. My cousin just got out of the slam and I needed a homemade tattoo machine to get me started, so guess who I called. As soon as my cousin hooked me up and learned me a little on inking with a homemade machine I was off to the races. I was inking family and friends like crazy until I received my tax return that following year, at which time I sent off for a pro set up. Learning without an apprenticeship bumping my head every step of the way sucked. The more people hated on my work the more I wanted to become a great tattoo Colorado Springs artist and prove them wrong. I had about ten years in and molded myself into a very good single needle artist, killing small highly detailed work.

    christian tattoo artistOne day in September of 2005 I got a chance to show off my art at R U TATTOOED in Colorado Springs. The piece I chose to do was simple, but the guys in the shop noticed I could be a good ink artist if I was willing to make steps to become better and smooth out the rough edges. I always heard great lines Ink, but that’s all the love they could give me at the time. Everyone at the shop helped me in some way and played a major part in my growth as an tattoo Colorado Springs artist, including introducing me to the world of bigger needles.

    As I’ve grown as an tattoo artist my brothers and I have been keeping each other sharp. We have been featured in Savage tattoo magazine and have been hanging out with some of the world’s best artists at conventions held here in Colorado. Please look through all my photos and read up on all my ink adventures.

    Now in 2009 was my worst year ever and hit me like a ton of bricks, my life completely fell apart. I was inking and truck driving to help make ends meet in my household. I came home after a hunting trip and my wife left me, my job laid me off, my car was stolen and I was struggling financially. Wow what a year but when I look back at it, it was actually a very blessed year. You see I was being chased by my Father, and I starting listening. My Father Jesus Christ who knows me better than anyone comforted me and began to teach true living. Shortly after giving my life to Christ and being set on fire for my Lord, my life began to become even more fruitful than I could ever imagine. I remarried and have another child in addition to the two I already had. My wife and I completely give everything we are or ever will be to our Lord and savior. She has truly been a blessing in my life as well as my children. These days I’ve had my eyes pointed upward and refining my Colorado Springs tattoo art every day here at R U TATTOOED, so come on down to the shop for some killer work and don’t forget to ask for INKIE.”


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